The Recording

Something Tells Me

The songs of Joseph and Nathan Fifield (2010)

Jazz chanteuse Annie Ellicott and pianist Nathan Fifield present Something Tells Me, an album of music composed by Joseph and Nathan Fifield, two brothers who grew up in Idaho and later lived together in New York City.  Joseph died tragically in 2006 in the Utah Mountains at age 27.  He had been a prolific composer and talented jazz pianist.  After his death, Nathan gathered up the many compositions and manuscripts Joseph left behind.  There were hundreds of song ideas and sketches that he had abandoned.  Nathan finished off some of the best material with new lyrics and arrangements, and added broadway style verses for several numbers.  Father, Bill Fifield contributed lyrics for “Together and Holding On.”

“Joseph’s focus was always creating music that was fun and breezy.” Nathan writes. “He loved the music of Gershwin and Bernstein as well as the jazz stylings of Oscar Peterson and Eroll Garner.  I have always been more interested in the darker aspects of music: the operas of Richard Wagner, and the rich palette of Claude Debussy.  I think the album we have created reflects both light and darkness.”

Annie Ellicott: Vocals
Nathan Fifield: Piano
Bob Gullotti: Drums
Loren Stillman: Saxophone
Garth Stevenson: Bass