Demo: Pop Hits for Ballet Class Vol. 2


Feedback questions:

  • Order and format for intermediate and advanced class? This is a short class, only 22 basic exercises at 2 different tempos. I’m hoping that with 2 tempos, it will still be useful for most teacher’s purposes. Let me know if you think this works, and whether you think this is a good order.
  • Selections? Do you think some of the music selections might less ideal for a given exercise, or would be better used in another exercise? Is there too much syncopation or other musical detail that might distract from the exercise?
  • Tempos? Will all these tempos work for intermediate as well as advanced level classes? Are there any tempos that seem “off” to you (too fast or too slow), or that simply won’t work for a standard exercise?
  • Missing? Are there any essential exercises that you feel are missing? I could have added a lot more exercises, but I wanted to pare it down to the bare essentials in order to sell more CDs in the future. I plan on releasing other albums that have other options to borrow from, like Polonaises, etc.
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